Sensorstation manual download

Hi there,
I am about to install a station in a very remote location that is very unlikely to have a cellular connection. Field teams will be visiting the site 2 times each year, and I am hoping they can pull collected data from the sensorstation. What is the easiest, least complicated method for accomplishing this?
I would rather not have the field team bring a laptop.
Can folks who use USB or portable hard drives, or other methods chime in?

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According to the tags on your post you’re asking about a CTT SensorStation? Can’t you plug a flash drive in and select something in the menu to write all the data onto it?

NB: I hope whomever goes there has some test tags in their pocket and ensures they get picked up by all antennas while they’re there…

On newer SensorStations (assuming that’s what you’re referring to) the USB download method is pretty quick and easy. The only downside is that you can’t confirm that you have what you need. For instance, there was an issue a while back where the 166 MHz data wasn’t downloaded. That’s long since been resolved, but the point is that without a laptop to confirm, there’s always a chance something went wrong with the download and you’d have to wait until your next visit. On some level, though, that’s just the reality of really remote stations!

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I have tried the USB download method with mixed success. It seems like it works well on sensorstations that don’t have a lot of data on them but if a station has been running for 6 months the USB drive doesn’t get it all. This may be because of the 4GB FAT32 file size limit, but I am not sure. Hence me looking for folks with actual experience doing it.

Chiming in on this one. I have been frustrated by this for many years. We have mostly older stations, where the USB method seemed never to work, but even with the new V3 stations, I have not had luck. Most are only visited 2-3 times per year. I have been using the scp command line method with mixed success. I have one V2 station that has been running since 2019 and copying the entire data directory takes over 2 hours. My laptop battery often dies before the download completes. With scp, nothing is written to the laptop when this happens :frowning: This method also does not move any files to a folder to simplify future downloads.

This prompts me to ask if anyone has developed a download method using incremental copy methods like rsync. I have used this for laptop backups a decade ago. This would allow us to only backup new files.

If scp works then rsync works as well. It has a zillion options, but -ar is probably all you need. If you have an SS handy and can try out and run into issue simply post here and I can help figure it out.

For a GUI option, both FileZilla and WinSCP will work as well and are very convenient for selecting and copying only the files that you want. But that still requires a laptop.

As much of a pain as it can be, there are other advantages to having a laptop on hand. Logging on to the Web UI, other troubleshooting via SSH. It’s always a bummer getting to a remote station only to realize there’s an issue you can’t deal with so will have to return!

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