Remote acces with 4G USB Dongle

Hi, I have a Brovi 4G USB Dongle and I would like to know if someone has tried to make it work with a RaspberriPi3 and the last version of the SG???
I know that probably the USBDongle needs to be configured or the SG, but it looks complicated…
Thank you

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Is brovi-tech - brovi-tech what you have?
Reading comments on other forums this dongle is likely to require usb-modeswitch because it may present itself as a CD-ROM driver partition instead of as a modem. There may be a firmware update that changes that (shows up as a “cdc-ether” device, which would then just work). There’s lots of info at Brovi E3372 (manufactured by Huawei) - USB_ModeSwitch but it doesn’t look slam-dunk…
You can always plug it into a Sensorgnome V2 rPi and see what the SG web interface shows. If you have it connected to the internet and send me the SG ID I can look into the log files to see what it detected.
Also, be aware of the power requirements: the rPi can only provide a total of 1.2A on all its USB ports combined. That should be enough for just the 4G dongle but not for adding rtl-sdrs or FCDs, you will need a powered hub. I started a thread Sensorgnome V2 and cellular modems collecting the info I have.