Working wifi dongle

Hi all,

Just thought I’d share a recent finding. For those working with older v2 sensorstations or other applications that require a wifi dongle, it seems like it has become hard to buy ones that are supported by the stations. I recently came across this wifi dongle that IS supported: Alfa AWUS036ACHM 802.11ac WiFi Range Boost USB Adapter.

This works right out of the box, it uses chipset “mt7610u” which the stations recognize and have the firmware for. These also have fairly large antenna, so they may have a slightly further range compared to ones we have previously used. The included antenna uses a RP SMA female connector, so you still have the option of using a bulkhead to external antenna for increased range.


Some more adapters with that chipset: USB-WiFi/home/ at main · morrownr/USB-WiFi · GitHub