Recommendations for smallish direction 434 antenna

Does anyone have recommendations for a good directional 434? On the order of 5 ft or so.

We’re using…
SIRIO WY400-6N 6-element yagi beam antenna UHF 400-470MHz

We’ve used a couple of suppliers with good luck.

Intermod sells a 3- (8dBi) and 7-element (12dBi) versions, depending on how much directionality/gain you want. You’ll have to reach out to Wisdom directly (way AT

ZDA also sells 8, 10, 12, and 14 dBi 434 antennas with special Motus pricing. Reach out to Lee directly (leekennedy AT

See attachments
Intermod_Motus_antennas_2024June.pdf (316.8 KB)
ZDA Communications Motus Special Pricing 2024 w links-1.pdf (103.1 KB)

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