Recaptcha error when Creating New Account

I am trying to create a new user account on Birds Canada. I fill out the form and get a error capitia error. That indicated I need to check a box some were but i can not find a place to do so. I have called and emailed Bird Canada with out any response. Any help here. Glenn Polllock

Hi Glenn, that “recaptcha” error is confusing; as you rightly point out there isn’t actually any place to complete that. We’ll try to clarify that.

First, to confirm, you’re trying to create a second Birds Canada account, other than the one you signed in with to create this post?

I want to create a new account for a different person. We installed a
new receiver at his location.

There have been a few people who have seen this error intermittently but I’m not sure what the solution has been. Often it’s temporary.

@Glenn_Pollock1 Prior to trying again you should do the following":

  • Log out of Motus and the forum
  • Clear the browser’s cache and cookies
  • OR use another browser entirely

@Erica_Geldart1 Do you have additional recommendations from others that have seen this recaptcha error?

had to use a different computer with windows 11 would not work on widows 10 with firefox or edge do not know why