Omnidirectional antennas for a Drone use

I want to set up a receiver on a Drone using an omnidirectional antenna and we are using a bipole antenna but we want to explore other options. Does anyone know if this type of antenna works with Sensorgnome?

Thank you


Looks to me like it should be fine, the gain ought to be lower than your dipole, however.
I believe all the Motus drone tests I’ve read about have been to lift tags up with drones, not to lift a receiver, but I’d be curious to find out if anyone else has done this…

Check out these couple of papers. They don’t specify the exact antenna model used.

A low-cost technique for radio-tracking wildlife using a small standard unmanned aerial vehicle (

(4) (PDF) Estimating Wildlife Tag Location Errors from a VHF Receiver Mounted on a Drone (

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We used a 3-element “LiteFlex” Yagi from Lotek for testing on a drone. It is directional though and works on 166. We just had it zip tied to the landing gear.


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Interesting papers! They say they used a flexible dipole hanging down, which makes sense. I’d look for end-fed dipole or sleeve dipole. One acknowledges technical help from Bob Morton from Maple Leaf Communications…