No detections seen on the local UI's "Lotek Tag Detections" graph

Hi folks

I was testing a station with a couple of active Lotek test tags hope to see if a modification reduced noise and improved detections.

When I logged into the actual sensorgnome user interface (UI) (via the IP address on the SG Hub page for that sensorgnome), I saw no increase in the Lotek Tag Detections on the 5 min or Hour time length (or any other time length) the value stayed at zero. However, within 24 hours the test tags appeared as detections on the main website for that station.

The image is from SG-77BFRPI4B4A1

The test tags are all paid and registered. I’ve tried this on three stations and experienced the same.

Has anyone else seen this phenomena? Perhaps the parameter that the UI’s “Lotek Tag Detections” graph is looking at is a bit off. Or it might just be operator error/understanding. :)

It would be very useful to see these detections real time on the UI.



Thanks for the feedback ;-) I just noticed that the help text available from the (i) icon in the Tag Detections chart doesn’t say that only tags described in the tag database uploaded to the SG are shown. The software cannot detect tags that are not in the DB. This is most likely the problem here (and I’ll fix the help text). Let me know if that’s not the issue.

Yep, operator understanding.

Thanks Thorsten.

I was under the impression that Motus once a day sent down the list of active/registered tags to the Sensorgnome and that the Sensorgnome pushed up to Motus which tags it sees every hour or so.

So I need to add the two test tags to some Sensorgnome local database that’s currently empty? Please tell me you have an nice little text input field and a button squirrelled away on the local UI somewhere for such an activity… :)


I wish!
There is an upload button on the radios tab which accepts .csv and .sqlite files. The SG comes with a minimal sqlite file in /etc/sensorgnome.
LMK if you need further assistance!

Ah, one can dream.
Would you know the file name and the format needed for each of the two tags?


Hi Mark, you can download a sqlite database of all your project’s registered tags from your Manage Tags page. Just click “download tag database” on the right hand side. Then you can upload this to the SG.

Hi Josh and Thorsten,

Thanks for that! It worked!

I found this
Uploading a local tag database | SensorGnome User Guide but i believe it’s for the older version. Root, Root, so wide open.

I did the first two steps, which matched Josh’s instructions, go to the projects Tag Mange page and just click the button circled in green.

This downloaded the projects tag database in SQlite. Two test tags in this case.

Then Thorsten’s local UI has a wonderfully simple import system (better than a squirrelled away text input field and a button!).

  • just click the paper clip icon (in red)
  • this will open a file explorer
  • select the tag database you just downloaded
  • then click the “Upload new tag database” (in yellow)
    That’s it. You’ll see the the text change in the blue circle.

Then you’ll see your tags in the “Tags and Pulses” section at whatever interval your tags transmit at (circled in lime green) and the “Lotek Tag Detections” graph will start to show detection values.

Very nice gentlemen. Thank you.

One question, just to be sure, by doing this I will not have impacted real bird “hits” from propagating up to the live Motus database?


Hi Mark, glad it worked.

That’s correct: this is a local-only display and doesn’t impact what is saved/uploaded to Motus.