Mobile receivers on cars

We’d like to mount an Omni antenna to a car hooked up to a sensorgnome. Any suggestions for car mounts or whip antenna that are suitable for mobile units? Thanks

You didn’t mention whether you need a 433 antenna or 166?
I highly recommend a mag mount, they work really well. If it’s temporary you most likely can feed the cable through the door: the door gaskets in most cars can accommodate that.

Also interested in this information. Thanks!

Sorry! Both eventually, but 166 at least for the returning birds. Our 434 tags will be put out this summer.


Desiree, if you can get in touch with Carol Foss or Levi, they use an omni on field vehicles to track RUBL to good effect. It’s a Laird brand, I’m pretty certain, with a magnetic base, as Thorsten suggests, but I don’t know the model.

Please post a link here if you get a make/model from them. Surely there any others that would work, but Carol’s in the only I know of that been field-tested.