Is it possible to connect the GPS via USB port?

I have a RaspberryPi Model 3 with no SMA port to connect the GPS, is it possible to find a GPS device with USB port so I don’t have to add the SMA port? Does it work the GPS connected to a USB Port?

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Hi Helena, there are USB GPS options, however a GPS hat such as this one ( is usually preferred, partly because it also includes a battery backup for the clock.

The SMA port is for the external antenna, but in most cases that’s not needed as the onboard passive antenna is usually sufficient.

If you’re taking about the new V2 software then yes. I have been happy with which is cheap and uses genuine chips as far as I can tell, but any GPS recognized by Linux (gpsd) will work. Be careful to get the correct type of antenna with any GPS you buy, e.g. passive vs active.

Thank you! both options you’ve gave me I need to connect the GPS directly to the raspberri.
How do I know if I have the sensorgnome version V2 and how do I know I can plug a GPS USB (like this one: Amazon link)?

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Helena, I’m sorry I missed your last message. If you don’t know which Sensorgnome software version you are using then you are probably using the old one ;-). The V2 sofwtare has a modern Web UI over the hotspot, the old one has a single very simple black&white page.

The GPS you linked to says “support windows only, not iOS or LInux”. In general, there are lots of GPS devices that are difficult to work with on the market… In this case your only option would be to buy one and try it out.

Apologies if I’ve missed it somewhere but do we have a list of GPS modules that are compatible/work with the V2 software?

I don’t know that anyone has a list. I have purchased several times and it has been consistent. However, there are possibly more convenient form factors, like but I have not purchased and tested that one.
The V2 software is compatible with pretty much all reasonable USB-attached GPS devices. The main gotcha is that some devices have clone chips that may not function properly. The best is to either spend $$ or to order from a place to which you can return if it doesn’t work. (Remember that GPS typ doesn’t function indoors.) You will find out pretty much immediately.

Thank you Thorsten. I notice the unit you purchased has a GT-U7 GPS module rather than the NEO-6M. I have been using NEO-6M which appears to work consistently with the V1 software but not so with the V2 software so have ordered a GT-U7 unit to try.

I just checked and the units I have are marked GT-U7 as in the online pics.