Forum database reset?

Edit: ignore, looks like someone is reorganizing categories and posts vanish temporarily…

There were several posts about a 4G dongle this morning and I wrote a long post about a new serial feed feature. Those posts seem to have vanished? Did someone reset the forum database?

If someone received these posts via email, could you perhaps repost them here? I’m not looking forward to digging out all the info I posted again… Thanks!

Sorry Thorsten, we assigned it to a category which was available only to a few people. I also realized the error when posts started disappearing! Everything should still be there though, and once again visible.

We’re adding some categories, and starting to assign new topics (and old ones). At the moment it’s just Tags and Stations, but more will follow. There will undoubtedly be some moving of topics between categories as we figure out the best approach. Hopefully no more accidentally hiding long posts though!