Data won't upload even though SensorGnome has a working internet connection via Wi-Fi and SGHub shows deployment information

I have a bug where I can’t upload data via Wi-Fi with my test station. This station was set up before I created a deployment, but I made one shortly afterwards and it still isn’t uploading data to Motus. It’s been running for over 2 weeks now with no changes, however data is showing up on the SG Hub along with the deployment information.

When I try the upload button on the web interface, it fails.

Receiver ID: SG-D0C3RPI464B8

Deployment ID: 11020

Here are the logs: (1.1 MB)

Some screenshots of the error on the Web UI:


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Lucas, the reason for the upload failure is:

Upload failed while starting with error: Error: Receiver not registered with a project

You say this is a test station, do you mean a station with the "test: flag set in the Motus system? If so, the deployment/project association is not readily available through the Motus API. I had a work-around in place but I believe it broke with the switch from test deployments to test stations. I’ll see whether I can come up with something… Can you tell me the project ID for this station, I may end up having to hard-code this.

Project ID is 618. If it’s something that needs to be changed on the API side we may be able to fix that.

The problem is that the api call /api/receivers/deployments omits deployments for test deployments/stations and that’s what the SG uses to find out which project it’s assigned to.

On the SGhub side I found that the api call /api/receivers does include receivers of test deployments/stations and I capture the project info there that way. However, this API call doesn’t support filtering, so one has to download the full set of all receivers in the system, which is something inappropriate for a SG to do for bandwidth reasons.

I’ll try to implement a work-around where the SG queries SGhub instead of Motus for the info, sigh…

Can you easily/remotely access this SG?