Connecting remotely to a SensorGnome

I would like to connect remotely to the SG that has WIFI. How can I do it?
Or is there any way I can I see the live data? I need to see the IDs immediatly in live to know if they are in the area…
I uploaded the data frm today and I used the R motus but the last data was from yesterday…what happens with the data uploaded today?
Thank you

Hi Helena, if this is a V2 SensorGnome that is connected to the internet, you can connect to it remotely via SGhub that Thorsten put together. That is at There, you can see information and updates about various indicators of the SG.

What you won’t see is live data. Data that is recorded on the SG needs to be uploaded to the Motus server for processing in order to match up the raw data with known tags. Generally it does take several hours to a day for all processing to occur, so seeing detections in real time isn’t yet possible.