Can't connect to SensorGnome Wi-Fi after station has been running for several hours to days

I have had a recurring issue where sometimes the I can no longer connect to the Wi-Fi (Windows: “Can’t connect to this network”) after the station has been running for a while. Sometimes it’s only after a few hours, but usually it’s after several days like in this case. I haven’t been able to find a predictable pattern. I’ve included the logs for the entire time this test station has been running.

This is a test station with only one FUNcube attached. (1.1 MB)


I’m having a hard time retracing what you did. It looks like the SG got power cycled, which lost a bunch of logs, and then someone connected to the web ui. In this type of case some timestamps really help, but I fear the interesting log snippets, if there are any, may have gotten lost due to the power cycle.

I’m also not clear whether you are talking about connecting over a local Wifi network or whether you are talking about the hot-spot: which is it? It seems you mean the hot spot and Windows sees it in a scan but then when it tries to connect something goes awry? I don’t know how to coax some more descriptive error message out of windows… One thing you can do is whip out your phone and try to connect to the hotspot with that. On Android if you open the wifi settings page and connect from there it sometimes briefly displays the error.