Assistance Requested: Error in Motus Data Upload

Dear colleagues,

I hope this email finds you well. I’m reaching out to request your assistance with an issue related to Motus.

Our team at Paso Pacifico in Nicaragua is recently conducting manual data downloads from one of the antennas located in a remote area with no Wi-Fi connectivity. We attempted to download the data from the Sensor Station via an internet cable. After organizing the data into folders, we compressed it into zip or rar files and uploaded it to the Motus platform. Subsequently, we verified if the detection observations appeared correctly on the platform.

However, during this process, we encountered a specific issue; an error occurred with a file (a screenshot is attached).

We would greatly appreciate any assistance or advice you can offer.

Best regards,

Estefanía Muñoz
Paso Pacifico

Hello Estefanía,
I did not see the screenshot.

When I do Ethernet data downloads, I download the whole data folder and just zip and send it. This seems to work.
Let me know if I can and you more info.

Patrick Lorch


Thanks for the prompt response.
Here is the screenshot. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Yes, the person in charge has already tried this, and it seems to still have the same error =/

Estefanía Muñoz
Paso Pacifico

Estafania -

Repairing a corrupt zip file can be difficult. There are commercial software packages that claim they can do it but Ive not tried any. It appears from your screen capture it may be limited to one days worth of data. (003-04-2024).
It could have been corrupted when you pulled it off of the station or during the transmission to or anywhere between.

You could try to unzip the file on your local computer and if it doesnt complain there, then I’d suggest simply renaming the zip file and resubmitting it to motus just in case it got corrupted during your transmission to them.

If you have access to the unzipped files and directories on your local computer - you could try and pull out both the CTT data and SG data files as plain .csv files for that day into a separate directory, rezip and resubmit them to

Or you may need to redownload them for that day on your next visit to the site.

It would be helpful to know if we are talking about files one, a few or a lot of days. And also how they were downloaded from the station (eg thru the onboard webpage, or using scp, ftp or other commands)

If some or none of this is familiar to you I’m happy to work with you off-thread to see if we can find a way to recover.
-Rich Schramm