7-Port MTT USB Hub for Raspberry Pi

Hello everyone,

I work at France Energies Marines (FEM), and we are going to install a MOTUS station with 6 antennas on a platform located near a wind farm. It’s our first station at FEM (and the first in France).

I went for the raspberry Pi 3 B+ option. I didn’t choose the “DLink DUB-H7” option, but the “7-port hub” option.

This USB hub connects directly to the raspberry. My problem is as follows:

  • the HUB is connected to the raspberry’s USB 2 port by default. As the HUB must be connected to USB port 4, I can’t have several funcube dongles on the HUB (they all appear to be on port 2…).

Has anyone ever used the 7-port hub? Is it possible to make the raspberry understand that the HUB is connected to port 2?

Thanks for your feedback.

I’m open to any comments.

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Hi Benjamin and welcome to Motus!
Do I gather correctly that you are using the old Sensorgnome software from 2018-2019? I can’t offer much help for that but I know that the port assignments are encoded in files in /home/pi/proj/sensorgnome/udev-rules. I can offer three solutions for you:

  1. use the jumper cable that comes with the hub to plug the hub into the port expected by the software (as detailed in the SG instructions)
  2. figure out how to change the files to represent the port assignment you get using the pogo pins connecting the two boards
  3. use the new V2 Sensorgnome software, which has instructions for changing the port assignment via the web ui and with which I’m be happy to help you (see the separate post in this group I made a few minutes ago)

Hi Thorsten,
Thank you for your answer.
I think I’ll upgrade to V2, it’s the best solution for the long term. I’ll be testing it very soon.
Thanks again,



I am now on the sensorgnome V2 version, and I can see the raspberry on www.sensorgnome.net, as well as 2 funcubeProPlus on ports 1 and 3 :

SG-19B2RPI3CC3D Fécamp met mast (offshore research platform)

The HUB being connected to the raspberry’s USB 2 port by default, I’d like to assign the port numbers manually.

I need to connect to Local web UI ( to do this, but I can’t access the page. Do you know why? Should I connect to the Rpi’s wifi (wifi appears with the rpi’s name)?

Thanks for any help,

Hi Benjamin, it looks like you have fixed the port assignment since your last message, at least I see the FCDs using ports 2 and 5-9 for the past ~3 hours. I also see the SG using IP address as you mention. If you point your browser at you should see a very simple redirect page that offers a link for https://10-12-92-172.my.local-ip.co/ and that should get you to the web interface. Can you be more explicit what doesn’t work, i.e. what you mean by “I can’t access the page”? Note that 10.x.x.x is a non-public IP address, so you need to ensure your phone/laptop is connected to the same local network. Best is to ensure your device is connected to the same Wifi access point as the SG.

As you mention, the rPi does provide a hotspot wifi. This is the most consistent way to access the web UI, but in the end whether you use the hotspot or the 10.x.x.x address you get the same web page.

Just to make sure you’re aware of the docs: Internet configuration | Sensorgnome V2 User Guide describes the network configuration. There is also a page there on radio set-up.